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What is a domain name and why is it needed.

What is a domain name ?

A domain name is a identification string that translates into a IP address used by the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. In short its a quick and easy way to remember an address rather than a sequence of numbers.

Why do i need a domain name ?

The domain you pick is the first step into getting online, the next steps are setting up your own personal branded email, create a new website using the web space and designer tools then announce to the world that you are here.

Why buy a domain name from Ayrshire Domains ?

Every single domain name purchased and setup through Ayrshire Domains is fully managed by a real person; The admin control panel provided to manage everything is simple to use but if you are struggling to then simple give us a call and we will change whatever setting that's needed.

Ayrshire Domains are an Accredited Channel Partner of Nominet

Accredited Channel Partner of Nominet

To achieve this higher level of Partnership with Nominet; Ayrshire Domains has to demonstrate a higher level of commitment, increase our data quality on customer registrations; implement a business continuity plan and provide a higher standard to our customer services.